A special experience with the excellent results of our product,
Luxuriously restore and protect the hair for you!

Power of Nature, Vegan 

I'm happy to have discovered a Narosé brand of hair care products that I can trust...

I love how innovative they are with the ingredient combinations as well!

It also smells so good ...

Vishal B.

Proprietor at Transport & Logistics

When I started using the Narosé Detoxifying Shampoo, my hair and scalp felt deeply clean and the shampoo pleasing scent very naturally .....

It’s truly my family's favourite shampoo...

Sakulyut H.


I love Narosé Thai natural shampoo so much!....

" just like the hair spa time " .... Very appreciated the natural ingredients, no harmful ingredients to watch out. It is difficult to find natural shampoo like Narosé. My hair is more volume and healthy. include detoxing the hair and scalp damage from chemicals.

Narosé is my favourite natural shampoo and has a Thai flowers aroma with a pleasant and relaxed feeling!....

Nucharat S.

Management Trainer & Consultant

After 2 weeks of using Narosé haircare, by started using Bamboo Charcoal Detoxifying Shampoo first and then with Hair Tonic after shampooing.

Less than a week after shampooing, I can feel my hair and scalp has improved quality and visibly darkened hair. I am going to use Nourishing Shampoo next...

I recommend that it is a very good quality of the natural product... Let's try!

Chodnarin V.

Director of 345 Provider Co.,Ltd. (Product & Packaging Consultant), Secretary-General of Thai Package Design Association

Since ordering Narosé Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner, I feel want washing my hair every day….

Lightly scented with Thai flowers makes me feel refreshed and relaxed scalp.

My hair also seemed to weigh more and has volume, very easy to hair setting...

I like it.....recommend to use it.

# One bottle has been used for so long that I forget! #

Chantana R.


So glad to have finally found a great shampoo and conditioner set. We liked it so much that we use it up so fast! .... It smells really good and makes our hair feel super clean.

After the first use, we could also feel the improvements in our hair, and scalp health!

LOVE,LOVE,LOVE ...... Narosé Haircare Products ......

Parmapon R. Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

If you still love your hair...... Please, take care! Only Narosé, I trust ......

Took Yanee


I’m impressed with this international standard Thai product that sees consumer safety as a priority.

When I used “Narosé” it was as good as I had expected.

Viwat K. Ph.D.

Vice President of Land Development

I absolutely love this Narosé product!...

My hair feels great, definitely will be buying more of this before ...

I run out of my shampoo!

Suman B.


Use the Narosé Shampoo and Conditioner, Very good!...

Usually, when leaving the house I will wear a hijab. Personally, I will sweat easily and the scalp

is very sticky but after being used is not itchy. The smell of sweat is almost none.

My hair smells pleasant. Glad to meet my favorite shampoo.....

Mariam H.

Healthcare Education Simulation Consultant

Narosé is the best hair care product for me. Especially nourishing set,

that's good. The scent smells and is very relaxing...

Thippalida K.

President VITAMAC (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

In Reality, I ever change my shampoo often, but my feeling can know the difference very clearly...

When I used Narosé to wash my hair, I feel good and look like my scalp it’s so clean and my hair shinier.

So, I came back and never thought of changing my shampoo again...

Theerada S.

Bank Teller


Narosé is committed to research and develop outstanding quality hair care products for our customers around the world.

Our constant aim is to create the most natural, safe and loving hair products to enhance your health and confidence, to bring out the best in you.

We have painstakingly developed formulas free of SLS, SLES, Silicone, Paraben, Colors and Mineral Oils that not even the most advanced laboratories in the world dared to make, to ensure that the beauty of your hair doesn’t compromise your health in the long run.

Narosé is a product of love, for you.