Hair conditions are in many cases the result of the chemicals in hair products.
Let Narosé reverse these conditions and keep your scalp and hair healthy and happy.

Hair conditions

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A surfactants in cleaning products such as SLS, SLES can damage the natural protect structure of the hair and scalp. This causes inflammation, irritation and dry scalp. When used continuously, it can cause unhealthy hair, hair loss leads to hard treated in the future.

The use of chemicals in the hair and scalp daily from hair coloring products, curling hair and shampoo will cause irritation of the pigment cells. When the hair is weak, it results in less pigmentation. Due to the chemical degradation of hair color and chemical residue in the hair roots. It make new hairs grow up white. Cause the pigment cells have completely stopped working.

Dandruff is the top layer of the scalp that flake off. This is a common problem can be with any age. Dandruff occurs for many reasons such as fungal disease on the scalp, allergy to some chemicals shampoo. However, if the skin is a weak and xerosis. This is a sign that the scalp is dehydrated and the natural balance of the skin is destroyed. The scalp begins to dry, peel and itch, effect on lose off personality in daily life.

Itchy scalp is the most common side effect of dandruff. Be annoying and unconfident personality. Some shampoo has an excessive surfactants and preservatives as a result allergic, dry scalp and itching. The acute reaction is to scratch. Scratch may damage sensitive scalp.

Hair loss is caused by a many factors, such as certain diseases, stress, pollution, food, lack of resting, hormones, as well as exposure to chemicals When used chemical products for a long term a chemical remain on the scalp. Cause root hair clogged and nutrient absorption system decreases, breaking the balance of the sebaceous glands. It causes hair loss. The hair roots have 3-5 hairline per holes when clogged. The hair can not come up fully may be flat. Make the hair smaller and thinner.